Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get some free stickers?

If you live in the Singapore, send us $2.00 in lawful Singapore currency we will send you “free” stickers. Don’t forget your name and mailing address. If you live outside the Singapore, then send $6.00 Singapore dollars.


What is your warranty policy?

All Skate One manufactured products are warranted against delamination and/or manufacturing defects for the useful life of the skateboard. If you feel your skateboard or components were defective, you may send it back to us, at the following address, freight prepaid. We will inspect it and let you know of our findings. If we decide your skateboard was defective or failed to give reasonable service, we will replace your deck with a similar, available skateboard of the same or better condition and pay for the shipping back to you.

If our experienced inspector decides your skateboard was not defective and that you just broke it, you will be informed and asked if you want your skateboard sent back to you COD, or destroyed. Before returning a skateboard to us for inspection, please be aware that all wooden decks can be broken as a result of landing a trick incorrectly.

Please email at info@redboltskate.com to alert us that you have a potential warranty issue before sending in your skateboard.