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Redbolt Skate is a Singapore skateboard supplier. Our goal is to bring to Singapore and those living in the surrounding SE Asian countries a chance to buy the highest quality skateboards and allowing the skaters in our region to have a better and more authentic skate boarding experience.

What we Feature

Powell-Peralta's impact on skateboarding is unmatched. Founded in 1978, by George Powell and Stacy Peralta, high-quality innovative products are the foundation of Powell-Peralta's success. That is followed closely by a top-notch roster of team members (past and present), a collection of entertaining skateboard films, head turning advertisements, and iconic skateboard graphics by one of the industry's most well known illustrators, Vernon Courtlandt Johnson a.k.a. VCJ. Connect with the roots of 1980's skate culture when you hit the streets, ramp, park or pool on a classic re-issue or modern shape with an old school twist. Here you can browse the largest selection of in stock Powell-Peralta skateboard products in the world.

Powell Peralta

The brand's roots date back to 1977 when George Powell's wheel designs and formulas changed skateboarding forever. Today BONES Wheels is still a leader in the skateboard industry and offers five unique formulas designed for specific applications of skateboarding. All BONES Wheels are developed with the help of top professional skaters, so we're confident you'll find the right size and shape you're looking for, and the performance you demand. Here you can browse the largest selection of in stock BONES Wheels skateboard products in the world.

BONES Wheels

Bones Bearings are the standard by which all other bearings are measured. In other words, Bones Bearings' unique design features and the precision of which are manufactured results in a line of skateboard bearings that outperform other bearings on the market. Some skateboard bearing brands make bold claims about their roll speeds and durability, but the fact that Bones Bearings has been the choice of many of the world's top professional skateboarders for over thirty years is a testament to their superiority. After buying your first set of Bones Bearings the only regret you will have is not getting them sooner. Here you can browse the largest selection of in stock Bones Bearings skateboard products in the world.


Their products have the same great quality as many leading brands endorsed by professional skateboarders, but they cost a fraction of the price. This is the possible because Mini Logo leverages over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience, and a grassroots marketing effort instead of big, expensive campaigns. The result is premium quality and performance at a rock bottom price. Here you can browse the largest selection of in stock Mini Logo skateboard products in the world.

Mini Logo

Golden Dragon® complete skateboards provide a high quality at an entry level price. They are the perfect first skateboard for beginners and a smart choice for price conscious advanced skaters. Golden Dragon skateboards are created in a Chinese factory that uses our AirLam® presses and glue supplier. The resulting deck is the best produced in Asia and we stand behind this skateboard with confidence. In addition, each component has been designed and built to our demanding specifications and then tested during production to ensure consistently high quality. Just like our successful REDS® bearings, Golden Dragon® skateboards are well received and respected as a quality Skate One® product.


Since 2009 Aera Trucks has been creating the most competitive and successful downhill trucks ever made. Consistent results and innovation are the name of the game in a fast moving sport. Aera has delivered year after year with two World Championship wins, two Series Championships won, podium results at slopestyle events, and downhill races all around the world. Aera Trucks often win the race, the slopestyle, and the long distance race at the same event... Proof that you can use your Aera Trucks no matter how you skate.



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